The present

Bebo is back! It launched its avatar inspired social app a few weeks ago and has had me hooked ever since. The new app is as a fun hybrid mashup that mixes together all the best bits of BitStrips, Facebook Messenger and Twitter.

Like the BitStrips craze of early 2014 you create a personal avatar, you can even match your eyebrows, shoes and earrings if you like. You can hold a conversation with other Bebo-ites (your real friends) and communicate in a messenger style with some added magic… every time you include a hashtag Bebo generates a fun animation of you (well your avatar) performing that action within your feed. My particular favourites are #twerking #trip and #flappyhead (try that you’ll love it!) The animations are updated everyday to entice you back in.

You can update your status visually whenever you feel the need and share your avatar pic to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It’s addictive!

So will it take off? Well so far I have a whopping total of 10 friends using the app but hope more will join soon. It’s not just for teens either, all mine are in their early 30’s! With 500,000 messages sent in the 6 hours post launch the futures looking bright.

Humorous, visual and addictive… what more could you want? #LOL


The ghost of Bebo past

The original Bebo social networking platform was founded in 2005 by San Francisco husband and wife team Michael and Xochi Birch. The platform was hugely successful at the start of the social era gaining over 10.7 million users before being acquired by AOL in 2008 and taken offline in 2010 due to users moving to other popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Brought from AOL in 2010 by Criterion Capital Partners Bebo as a platform continued to have an unstable future ahead of it before Michael and Xochi Birch decided to buy back the platform and try to create something new.